General Artwork Information

When producing artwork for carpet printing, please follow the guidelines below. If you require further information, then give us a call on 01992 352244 and we’ll do all we can to answer your questions.

1. Software and Format Requirements

Photoshop – TIFF or PSD – Photos, images with pixels TIFF>>LWZ Compression – IBM PC
Illustrator – AI, EPS, PDF – Vectorised, logos, plain colours.  * Everything vectorised (fonts)
InDesign – PDF, TIFF, PSD

*  Leave space of 5mm at the edge of the layout completely free of image
*  Text/lines on carpet have to have a minimum line thickness of 2mm

2. Colour Profiles

RGB     Adobe RGB (1998)             Best Results  *Our Colour Book works with this profile!
CMYK     Coated Fogra39
* WHITE: R:255 G:255 B:255 and for BLACK: R:0 G:0 B:0
*Put in the white colour as white, do not leave it transparent in the file!
*When a Pantone Colour(Coated, Uncoated) has to be printed, we look to put in the best matching colour of our colour range.
(Please mention the use of Pantone Colours in the order!)                                                               *Colours from the colour book can only be put in when the file is vectorised.                           *For best matching colours we recommend the use of our colour book printed on carpet. For more information please contact us!

3. Resolution

PHOTOSHOP               TIFF (PSD)              300dpi              at 100%.
ILLUSTRATOR            AI, EPS, PDF            vector                at 100% **

**Can be delivered at 10% but please ensure that, when including images, the end resolution after enlarging is 150dpi.
Regarding lettering, please make the line thickness at least 2mm (6 pixels).

Remember… Quality product comes from quality source, so please make your graphic as close to the finished size as possible. If your design artwork is low resolution, or smaller than the final size, we will have to upscale your work and the design will lose definition.

4. How To Supply Files

Email – Files up to 5 Mb maximum can be mailed to us at

Bigger Files – There are now online facilities that enable the transfer of large files. We are aware that for a ‘rush job’ you may need to send a file this way and suggest you use services such as those provided by, and

When supplying files, please ensure folders are correctly named and include a contact name/telephone number. Artwork produced outside of these specifications may result in additional charges and a delay in production.